March 25, 2009

A Comparative History Look at Security

I was grateful for one puff of wind that fluttered the flag and added energy to this image of the Town Common in Greenfield, Massachusetts. One of my stock agency editors had requested images relating to the holidays. I stood on the trunk of my car for an angle to include maximum information.

History infuses the scene. Left to right: Mostly boarded up Bank Row, an American Flag, a Civil War memorial, a nativity scene, the Second Congregational church and Town Hall.

On recent day, I found this painting inside Town Hall. I figured the people living behind this tall fence were not worried about their 401k value plummeting or a broken down truck preventing them from getting to work. But what were they worried about? After leaving a message for Town Historian, Peter Miller, I later answered my phone and a somber voice tinged with mirth intoned, "I have been waiting for 300 hundred years to talk about that house..." Mr. Miller informed me this fortified house provided refuge for locals during the French and Indian War.

He speculated that the homestead site was in Fort Square, by Dillon Chevrolet. Again, I stood on my my car's trunk. This morning, a thin layer of ice made the footing tricky. Below is an imprint of my shoe's tread.

What is the true nature of security? A tall fence? Retirement savings? Cheap gas? Enjoying the moment?

What do you think?