April 1, 2009

Human, Rail and Wire Networks

Back in my days of doing corporate photography, I worked with marketing consultant Selina Maitreya. We recently reconnected. I learned of her branching off into spiritual teaching. She learned of me branching off into reality-based abstraction. She suggested I group my creations into themes. Since I have works related to transportation, I headed over to the rail yard in East Deerfield, Massachusetts.

Rail Yard, 2009

Thank you Selina!

These utility wires paralleled the tracks. The photojournalist in me wants to research what function these wires serve to write an accurate caption. The poet in me hopes they are telephone wires, so I can imagine an unseen and unheard symphony of voices taking place above me.

Often when shooting I am joined in spirit by mentors, editors, colleagues, students and family members. I feel their encouragement. Such was the case when near the rail yard I came across a wooded scene. "This one is for Michael," I thought, referring to Michael Zide, a fellow instructor and noted black and white landscape photographer.

A video by Martin Evening boosted my skill in converting color digital files to black and white.