March 18, 2009

What is the First Thing that Comes to Mind When I Say the Word "Copyright"?

I started a recent class with this question and received responses such as: "Complicated." "Legal issues." "Infringement." "Damn." "Rights." "Confusing." "Orphan Works." "Paperwork."

I then demonstrated how registering your images online with the Electronic Copyright Office is relatively speedy and painless. (About 15 minutes if your files are prepared.) I am a member of Editorial Photographers. One of the organization's online forums educated me on the finer points of electronic registration.

I recently registered these images, as they will be placed with one of my online stock agencies.

The inside door of a bathroom, along with a light switch, in a motel.

A shadow falls on the the Hall Tavern Visitor Center at Old Deerfield, a classic New England village. Historic buildings, like this one built in 1760, line the main street, and serve as instructional reminders of the past.

Looking through the blur of a tree's branches at the sun rising over the Connecticut River on a November morning in Turners Falls, MA

Just before dawn, moonlight reflects on the Green River in Greenfield, MA. The photographer twisted his camera sideways during this 4 second exposure to create this wave like effect of the moonlight's reflection.

A 31-year-old Caucasian graphic designer.

Each stock image I send out has a caption written in the metadata. The generic graphic designer is actually Peter Chilton. He is a teaching colleague, punk rocker and designer extraordinaire. He designed the header for this blog. I photographed him to demonstrate to students the use of fill flash.

How would you answer my opening question?