Digital Storytelling

Cycles of Sustainability - A Horse-Powered Farm Nourishes the Land and Community

Natural Roots organic farm is located in Conway, MA.  Instead of using tractors that run on non-renewable petroleum, the work horses "run" on hay.  Rather than using petroleum based fertilizers, the horse manure is transformed into fertilizer for the crops.

Cultivating Collaboration @ AIC

Students in my Cultivating Creating class at American International College collaborate to produce a work of art.  We had studied the flags around the world, including the meanings connected to the colors in the flags of many African countries.  We also looked at Kente cloth.  The students had carved linoleum, inked the blocks and then printed them.

[ ] Windows on the Artistic Process [ ] and Election Day [ ] 

Watch how viewing a print by Melvin Edwards at the Mount Holyoke College Museum of Art led me to create artwork marking the Obama - Romney election.

Touching History with Art - Walking in the Footsteps of Sojourner Truth

I found my truth by learning about the life and times of abolitionist and women's right advocate Sojourner Truth.

No Electricity Needed - Making Music and Art with a Deconstructed Computer 

Imagine there is no electricity.  There are 3 billion non users of energy on the planet.  Join them for a minute, an hour or a day.  I dismantled an old computer in order make instruments and block print the components.

Using Mashed Berries to Create Zentangle® Art

"Poking Around."  A Zentangle artwork drawn with Pokeweed Ink.  I loved the imprecision of using the feather.  Occasionally, a chunk of mashed berry would become lodged inside my quill, leading to thick, explosive lines.  Zentangle is a, fun relaxing and easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from structure patterns.

Light Poem No.2 - Keep Eyes On: "We Fix Computers"

On a shopping trip for school supplies at Staples, I saw this shopping cart light play. I returned another day at the same time to make this video.  I am interested in the art of the everyday.

The Sounds of a Quiet Ride in a Chevy Volt

Come join me and Watson Collins of Northeast Utilities for a spin in a Chevy Volt, a hybrid gas - electric vehicle. 


Impression of "Impression of the 'St Gaudens' in Boston Common" 

The structured dissonance of a Charles Ives composition inspired me to create a similar feeling photographically. I revel in the power of art and music to kindle my creativity.

I'd Rather be Fishing

While on staff at Hallmark Institute of Photography, I came up with the concept and then created this promotional video for the school.

Light Poem No. 3 - Touchless Carwash

One and a half inches of ice clung to the interior of the gas station's car wash windows, rendering them translucent instead of transparent. I found art in the resulting abstract shadows of the machinery making repeated passes as it cleaned a car.

Drumming and Chanting for Peace and a Nuclear Free World 

Individuals from a variety of peace and anti-nuclear power groups held a vigil in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA on the 25th anniversary of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Six miles from Brattleboro is the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. Vermont Yankee's reactor is the same model as those at the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan.

Sound Poem No.1 - On the Kindness of New Yorkers

I might not have noticed the Honey Locust seed pods dangling above the sidewalk if an elegantly clad New Yorker toting a Saks Fifth Avenue bag had not reached up to pluck one off a branch.

As I shook a limb to capture the seed pods rattling, a stranger stepped up and offered to take over, enabling me to concentrate on my video making. The man's actions expressed not only kindness, but a willingness to participate in my unexplained venture.