February 28, 2014

Pencil Eyes - - Seeing with Art Tools

Midday:  Teaching drawing at American International College.  Cultivating creativity.  Readying students for next week's visit to the Springfield Museums.

Early Evening:  Attending art gallery event at UMass, Ahmerst.  Artist Kim Carlino and Curator Eva Fierst.  Seeing beauty and question marks.  Inspiring art and dialogue.  Listening.  Thinking of students at museum.  Compelled to draw. 

Artist, wearing Glasses
Night: Dining at Sakura in Northampton, Mass.  Buffet.  Man talking into cell phone earpiece cramming plate with sushi.

Man Lifting Himself Up
Eating and drawing.  Waitresses texting in Chinese.

Texting Waitresses
Noticing sketching, waitress saying, "Beautiful."

Pointing, saying, "This is you two texting."  Language barrier to communicating sucessfully.

Pointing, again, hoping: "Those are your ponytails."  Comprehending.  Calling friend over.  Laughing.

Screen Culture
Returning to texting.  Returning to drawing.