January 10, 2014

Happy New... Day! (Applying Photographic Compositional Principles to Reducing Home Clutter)

Instituting a new routine or making a change for a whole year sounds daunting.

That's why my greeting is:  Happy New... Day!

Hmm, reminds me of the Zentangle® drawing aphorism:  Anything is possible - one stroke at a time.

My intention (for today) is to reduce clutter.


Subject and light hunting near a mall in Hadley, MA, I captured this sunset a few days before the winter solstice.

Behind the Mall

I am not sure if I like this photograph.  However, I attempted framing the image and choosing elements in a manner new to me.  I invite you to try this approach someday.


Speaking of seeing differently:  How about getting low and tight to turn wintry car debris into something grand?


As the sun set on one of the year's shortest days, vivid colors drew me and others.  A mother and daughter toting iPhones snapped images.

"We need a camera like yours," said the older woman.  I doubt my photograph is what she might have expected, as I moved the camera during the long exposure (1/4 second) to intentionally blur the image.

Through my camera's lens, I look at the clutter of the world and endeavor to make clean and appealing compositions.

I intend to bring this artistry and care to reducing the clutter around my house!