January 20, 2010

A New Year's Resolution to Meet a Cyber Neighbor Who is an Actual Neighbor

Ariane Goodwin and I work within miles of each other in the Pioneer Valley, a swath of farmland that straddles the Connecticut River in Massachusetts. We have spoken on the phone, exchanged emails and have been at the same gallery opening - just at different times.

Classic Sunrise

Dr. Goodwin runs the yearly online career conference for artists called the smARTist Telesummit. smARTist is seven days of panel discussions and keynote talks. You can listen live and/or download recordings. When I first registered and participated three years ago, I was surprised to discover that the smARTist headquarters is nestled in a tiny New England town.

Monumental Sunrise

I download the recordings and listen to them over and over. I have learned so much on such a wide range of topics, from the nuts and bolts of how to court a gallery, to insights into the inner workings of the creative mind, to the fact that the foundation of copyright law is in the US Constitution. Much of the information and knowledge I share with my students.

(smARTist 2010 starts tomorrow. However, you can also register and pay after the fact and get all the information.)

Sunrise Through Branches

Were it not for smARTist, you probably would not be reading this blog. I would not be making videos. Nor would I be in the position to share my art and ideas via social media.

I have written testimonials for smARTist. Dr. Goodwin has promoted my work on her blog. Classic cyber neighborliness. However, since we work in neighboring towns it seems silly that our paths have not actually crossed.

Ariane: Let's resolve this new year to meet face-to-face!

© 2010 John Nordell


Unknown said...

Well, now - thats a major, virtual invitation if I ever saw one. As they say in small towns in Italy - that's an offer I can't refuse. So, yes, definitely, let's do something fun in the Happy Valley.

Meanwhile, enjoy the smARTist 2010 ride - some of the speakers this year are remarkable human beings with depth and soul just pouring out of them!

Unknown said...

... also, the blog is simple and clean as it lets the beauty of your photographs shine through. Such gorgeous work, John...

John Nordell said...

Thank you Ariane for your comments and for putting on smARTist. Here's to lunch!