January 27, 2010

Modern Camera + Historic Subject Matter = Visual Goldmine

Filled with centuries old elegant homes, the historic section of Deerfield, Massachusetts is a photographer's paradise.

I was there last week on a field trip with a brand new class of students.

Along with teaching about shutter speeds, exposure and direction of light, I had a chance to make some images. Here's a multiple exposure.

Town Office 1895

Exiting the stately Deerfield Inn, glowing stripes of door crack light demanded my attention.

Still working with the same glowing stripes, I set the camera's white balance to tungsten, thereby adding blue tone to the daylight light. During the exposure that lasted 1/3 of a second, I jerked my camera sideways three times.

I then manually set my white balance towards the warmer end of the spectrum. I twisted and pulled the camera during a 1/4 second exposure.

Not to neglect classic imagery for my stock photography agencies, here is the post office's wheelchair ramp...

...and Historic Deerfield's visitor center.

What a day! I love teaching. I love taking pictures.

Teaching necessitates my precise articulation of photographic ideas and concepts largely second nature to me. This process of making automatic decisions mindful enhances my creative process.

© 2010 John Nordell


Dave said...

Amazing photographs here, Johnny.


John Nordell said...

Thanks Dave. I appreciate your consistent support.