December 16, 2009

To Tweet or Not To Tweet - That is the Question

I enjoy putting my ideas and images on this blog, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. But I sometimes feel caught up in the fast-paced frenzy of instant feedback, the breathless race for more hits, friends, fans, followers and subscribers.

Back in the Day, Today

Spending time with my brother and his wife on their farm over Thanksgiving gave me much needed perspective. No computers. No internet. Using horses to work the fields.

The Energy of Fresh

No instant publishing. You plant a seed and it can be months before the vegetable is ready for harvest.

Birth of a New Day

Maybe though, without the contrast, I would not have noticed the slower pace as clearly.


Perhaps questioning the digital side of my life comes from my recent return to shooting film. Unlike carefree digital camera bursts, I am deliberate and careful with each frame. I enjoy dropping the film off for processing and the delayed gratification of seeing the results.

Solar Spirit

I am using a plastic, no-settings camera.

What about you? How do you balance your real and digital worlds?

©2009 John Nordell


David Frazier said...

Hi John, I can't help but give a little instant feedback ... Great post/subject and amazing photographs!

My hope is to purposefully schedule weekly/monthly "e-media blackout" times for myself and family in the future.

Warm holiday regards,
Dave Frazier

John Nordell said...

Thanks Dave. I went offline two weeks last summer. Now, that was a vacation.

Unknown said...

Nice work, John. I used to do the same as you. When I was shooting film professionally (years ago) I still wanted to take pictures "off duty". So I cultivated a collection of DIana cameras. You are forced to look at the scene and not the camera. And for portraits and street shooting they fundamentally change the encounter. Beautiful work - keep shooting.

-Mark Mullen

John Nordell said...

Thanks Mark. Glad via hi-tech we made a low-tech connection.