December 8, 2009

Frosted Leaves and Doughnuts - The Kennedy Special Election

Yesterday I got to the polls early in Greenfield, Massachusetts, to cover the special election primary held to fill the seat left vacant by the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy. Not much activity.

Perhaps the cold led to an absence of sign toting supporters outside Greenfield High School, the polling site. With no political subjects at hand, I made do with frosted leaves.

Not sure what the sign above means. Can you figure out what is going on in the abstraction below?

A powerfully wonderful smell wafted off these fresh donuts from local, non-chain Adams Donuts. As I photographed, one senior citizen volunteer poll worker offered to split a doughnut with me.

I photographed Senator Kennedy in Boston and Washington. He could fire up a crowd in minutes. His replacement has big shoes to fill.

©2009 John Nordell


ur a sad sad person said...

so i saw your blog and just wanted to ask you if you think your a pro photographer because im looking at your picture of the football coaches library and felt like letting you that while everything is technically right about it it may be the most unappelaing boring image ive ever seen

Good Day Sir

John Nordell said...

Thank you for your feedback! What I love about art/photography is the different perspectives viewers bring to the table. I took the picture because the football coaches sign made me think and wonder.