June 3, 2009

Gas Station Blues

Filling my tank at an Exxon station last week in Brattleboro, Vermont, I pondered how to make a photograph that included the gorgeous post-dusk blue sky. The train of thought led me to notice this blue broom...

...and then the similarly hued advertisements. Shooting wider, I caught the sky and the blue-shirted store clerk.

During a snack transaction, he and I discovered our mutual enjoyment of the band Portishead.

Two nights ago in Greenfield, Massachusetts, paying more for gas than I did a few days before, I took in this broadside opposing Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick's proposed gas tax hike. (Recent legislative activity indicates little support for the proposal).

I then layered exposures of the gas pump's stripes and patterns. In the computer, I stripped out color and emphasized texture. Makes it look, perhaps, like a fossil?

Gas Pump

If I was buying gas at this Mobil in Cambridge, Massachusetts, PumpTop TV might have blinded me from noticing my actual surroundings, missing matching blue hues or political treatises.