May 27, 2009

Let's Talk About Silk, Perception and the Brain!

Mill Windows, 2009

After making this abstract treatment of a mill building in Florence, Massachusetts, I noticed these parking signs. I shot the scene for a while, since such graphic visuals often are used by stock photography clients to give direction to their marketing messages.

I then ran into a friend and asked if he knew anything about the mill buildings. He talked of how silk worms imported from Asia fed on locally cultivated Mulberry trees. Delicate silk fabric ultimately emerged from the boxy mills. Wow. How much history in each square foot of these historic towns.

On my way home, I passed the Miss Florence Diner, as I have many times. Only today, I noticed the sign that boasted, "Silk City Tap Room." I know Miss Florence's classic neon usually attracts my attention, but how had I completely missed the Silk City sign?

Several years ago at a Learning and the Brain Conference, I met brain researcher/educator Gessner Geyer. He writes: “Your central nervous system perceives unconsciously nearly 1 trillion bits of data per second, while your brain consciously processes only about 50 bits of data per second.”

Now I get it. We can only consciously take in so much. The information I gained about silk production in this town influenced my seeing.

How many connections can you make between these images in terms of pattern and color?


Amit Basu Photography said...

Nice pictures. I like the blue-green one the best.