January 30, 2021

A Beach in Winter - Probing for Essence

Sand whipped off the beach at Sandy Point Reservation at the tip of Plum Island in Ipswich, MA.  The brilliant blustery January day enlivened my mind, body and creative spirit.

Surf's Up

Listening to my gut brain in post production, these two photos beckoned to be joined in a diptych.

Taking Off

With my Reality-Based Abstractions, I often take a "sketch" photo before combining multiple exposures to capture a multilayered view of reality, a process akin to a painter drawing before getting out the oils.  With the sketch, I check exposure and lighting conditions.

Sketch - Better Than the Final

With the image above, I wanted to show a lost lobster trap in situ, before treating it with multiple exposures.  However, in this case, I like the sketch better than the final product.

Vision Not Realized

Waiting for liftoff: I stalked this bird as it poked around barnacled rocks exposed by the tide.

Homage to Koudelka

Driving to the beach I had listened to Jaymi Heimbuch's podcast on 6 Surprising Resolutions for Conservation Photographers. She extolled the importance of capturing a moment that evokes an emotional response in a viewer over perfectionist technical striving.  Her idea emboldened me to try my hand at bird photography.

John Nordell teaches courses in the Visual and Digital Arts Program at American International College in Springfield, Mass. He blogs about the creative process at CreateLookEnjoy.com  Instagram: @john.nordell