May 12, 2020

Stop and Think: What Does Your Front Door Look Like? - A Mindfulness Exercise

Without looking, write a list of all the details you can think of that describe your front door, or the entryway to your abode.  Here's mine:

1.  Light on left.
2.  Gold handle - outer door.
3.  Metal railing.
4.  Three concrete steps.
5.  Wood sticks out.
6.  Front door color is bluish grey.

Then go and take pictures of items on your list.

3. Metal railing.  4. Three concrete steps.  5. Wood sticks out.
My imagined list was spot on, except for the color. Bluish grey was the door color of a house I moved out of 14 years ago!

1. Light on left.
In my defense, I always use the side door.

2. Gold handle - outer door.

Taking pictures for me is a form of mindfulness.  I try to use all my senses to become attuned the present moment conditions.  This approach helps me see clearly and creatively.

The initial concept of this exercise was to test my recall of everyday encounters.  However, photographing details of a common sight led me to see it in an uncommon way:

Culled Vision
John Nordell teaches courses in the Visual and Digital Arts Program at American International College in Springfield, Mass. He blogs about the creative process at  Instagram: @john.nordell