April 1, 2020

Priming My Neurobiology - Robin Sharma's 20/20/20 Formula - An Antidote to Tough Times

I set out to document how I follow Robin Sharma's 20/20/20 formula.  Spending an hour engaging in a variety of specific activities first thing in the morning sets up my neurobiology for a positive, productive and exciting day.  20 minutes of sweating/exercise.  20 minutes of spiritual reading, journaling and meditation.  20 minutes of learning.

Sytze Steenstra's Song and Circumstance book about David Bryne of Talking Heads Fame

Engaging in this practice during these tough times helps me cope.

As an ode to David Bryne, these images are intentionally not chronological nor linear.


Journal, Read Sally Kempton's Awakening Shakti


Learn Spanish with Duolingo

Run at Dawn

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