August 22, 2019

Low-fi Tools Create Hi-fi Art - My Images Selected for The Somerville Toy Camera Fest

"The Somerville Toy Camera Fest: a “toy camera” is identified as any low-end, low-tech, limited-control camera, including Holga, Diana and other Lomo products, as well as Brownies and Anscos and any pinhole cameras.

An international festival in Somerville, MA celebrating the quirky and creative results that happen when the photographer is forced to loosen his/her controls.  ....we're happy to note that we had entries from 8 countries and 24 US states this year."

Three galleries will be presenting festival images.  My work will be at Washington St Art, 321 Washington Street, Somerville, MA  Opening Reception: Saturday, Sept 7, 6-8pm 
Regular Hours: Saturdays, 12-4 pm  Exhibition Dates: Sept 8 – 28, 2019   

Snow Sun Goddess

I began shooting film (again) in 2018 as a way to limit living a digital life and to get back to my photographic roots. Starting as a boy, and then later at a professional, I developed and printed hundreds of rolls film by hand. For my recent film experimentations I have been using three cameras. 1: My first Nikon, from the 1970s, a Nikomat. 2: A medium format Holga, bought used for $10. I had no idea if it worked. 3: A new Diana Mini.

East and West

With my first round of revisiting film photography, I shot six rolls of film before sending them off for processing. Bye-bye instant digital gratification. The anticipation built as I waited to see the scanned film. I cannot fully describe the thrill of seeing the scans of my film images. On one hand, I see them as rough, imperfect and bursting with soul. They disrupt clinical digital perfection. I vacillate though, wondering if I am making romantic excuses for sometimes messy, unsharp and grainy images.

Artist Statement - Bio

I liked the light falling on my printed Artist Statement.  More and more I realize that I just simply love shadows!

Professor John Nordell teaches courses in the Visual and Digital Arts Program
 at American International College in Springfield, Mass. He blogs about the creative process at  Instagram: @john.nordell


Edward W Ryan said...

This is amazing. Everything comes back around, fashion, music, photography will return to this at some point. Great job helping it on it's way!

John Nordell said...

Ed - Thank you for the feedback. I always enjoy our conversations - in person or online!