March 10, 2018

InstaMeet: On Inspiration and Community

Big thanks to the folks at @igers413 for organizing the "Projection Portraits" InstaMeet at Eastworks in Easthampton, MA.   @igers413 connects Instagrammers in Western Massachusetts.

Lightness of Being

People, projectors and props.  It was a visual delight.

Paradise of Light

I was grateful to be in a room where everyone had a real camera slung around her or his neck.  Too often these days I go with the convenient iPhone in my pocket.

Art History

Although I accidentally came upon a method of bending reality into a variety of planes with my iPhone, I love using my trusty Nikon D200 to create in-camera multiple exposures like the one above.  I call these works Reality-Based Abstractions.

Self-Portrait with Wildlife

One of my current goals is to develop more of an in-person social network.  Interesting that an app helped me in this endeavor.