July 2, 2015

Walking Home: A Yellow Focus Adds Delight

Walking home from leaving my car at Ozzie's Auto Body & Paint Shop, this scene started it all:

The yellow flower drew me close. The Taylor Rental building in the background completed the hue scheme.

Then, nearby.  Hey, look!

Seeing Red
Aside from these red outliers, yellow things kept me company on my walk.

Buried Berkshire Gas Line
In this age of smart phone cameras and zoom lenses, I enjoyed the discipline and simplicity of using a fixed focal length lens (60mm, f.2.8) on my Nikon D200.  This type of lens makes for wonderful out of focus backgrounds.

My camera set to a slow shutter speed, I twisted the machine during the exposure. 

What Are the Chances?

No way! The only other person I see is wearing a yellow shirt.

Twin Towers
Safety covers on utility pole guy-wires near Lundgren Honda.

$12 Dollar Cuts

Window neon at RMP Hair and Company.

Thanks to all the yellow things that made my walk extra enjoyable!