April 29, 2014

Skiing on a Frozen River :: Living Life to the Fullest

I sometimes join the excursions of the Putney, VT chapter of the Bill Koch League.  In this league, aspiring grade school Nordic skiers practice and race.

At the season's end in early March, I received the following email (italics, below) from coach Eric Aho.  (I subsequently joined the expedition and took these photographs.  Click images to enlarge.)

Hello Skiers:

For the first time in about 10 years the Connecticut River between Charlestown, NH and Herrick's Cove north of Bellows Falls, VT is frozen to a thickness of about 24 inches and is covered with a skiable crust of snow.

It is a rare New England winter experience to be out in the middle of the white expanse of the river.

We can ski north from Herrick's Cove a few minutes and find an eagle's nest.

Come along and ride on New England's very first highway!

I shot these images using a plastic no settings film camera.  Not sure what happened with the processing and scanning at CVS to produce the blue tinge.  However, I love the rough texture of these film images.  The look matches the blustery elements and exhilarating spirit of the life-affirming outing.

Coach Aho is also a superb landscape painter.