November 13, 2013

Brought to the Moment - Shooting Film as Mindfuless Practice

While I love taking pictures, I do not always enjoy the bulk of my professional gear, especially when I am traveling and/or on vacation.

Central Park - New York City

In these instances, I often carry a pocket-sized plastic panoramic film camera that I bought at a thrift store for a dollar. (Click on an image to enlarge.)


I cannot make any exposure or focus adjustments.

Field Prepped for Corn Seeds - Hadley, MA

The constraints of technological simplicity breed freedom.

A Mall was Planted on the Adjacent Field - Hadley, MA
I recently had a few rolls of film developed and discovered these gems.

Old North Bridge - Concord, MA

Imagine waiting four months to see a picture you have taken.

Walden Pond - Concord, MA
Shooting film is a mindfulness practice that brings me into the moment:  each frame counts.  Absent is the aesthetic practice of digital splurge.  I am conscious of each shutter click, oftentimes removing my poised finger from the shutter button when unsure of an image's ultimate value.