September 26, 2012

From Ink and Paper, to Thread and Cloth, to Light and Pixels

      I met Susan Garfield-Wright
when I taught a Zentangle® class at the Cancer Connection in Northampton, Mass.  I taught the class while researching the correlation between participating in a Zentangle class and well-being.

     Zentangle describes an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from structured patterns.

     It was Garfield-Wright's first Zentangle class.  At right, is the artwork she created.

     Self-described as an art quilter, Garfield-Wright realized during the class that "these designs are meant to be quilted on things.”

     So she headed over to A Notion to Quilt in Shelburne, MA and used the longarm quilting machine to experiment with "drawing" Zentangle patterns with thread.

     I enjoyed discussing with Garfield-Wright her explorations with the mixing of mediums, as well as the ways she plans to incorporate Zentangle concepts into future quilting projects.

     When creating as a photographer, I often shoot multiple exposures, that is, taking several pictures in succession of the same subject and then programming my camera to layer the variations into a single image.

     My goal with this process of abstracting reality is to portray the inner essence of a subject by presenting multiple views simultaneously.

    From ink and paper, to thread and cloth, to light and pixels.

    Note:  This fall I will be teaching the Zentangle drawing method at A Notion to Quilt.  The classes will progress from learning Zentangle fundamentals to applying these creative concepts to the world of quilting.  © John Nordell