October 27, 2010

A Year Ago, After an Eight-Year Hiatus, I Started Shooting Film Again

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Inspired by students toting old Canons, last year I bought a plastic, no-settings, panoramic film camera at a thrift store.

The Band
I can slip the camera in my pocket.  So, say, if I happen to be at the Harvard - Lehigh football game, I can pull it out, take a few snaps, put it away, and get back to being a civilian.

The Hot Dog
I have learned that Kodak Gold Max 800 film, with all its soulful grain, is the right film.

Tech Tips: Ansco Pix Panorama camera, no settings to set, Kodak Gold Max 800 Speed 24 Exposure 35mm Film (4 Pack), film processed and scanned at Walgreens.