June 3, 2010

Ever Wonder What it is Like Being a Zoo Animal?

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One of my stock agency editors asked for travel images.  Kids at landmarks with cameras.  Found this shot at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, MA.

Tiger Hunting

"What a picture! Oh, that is perfect." A gorilla is right up by the exhibit's glass and am I trying to concentrate on taking a picture while this cameraless guy behind me yaks to the world at large.  "That is going to be great. What a picture. What a situation! It is perfect!"

Looking at Self
Peacocks strut free around the zoo as if they own it.

This one stood still as I got close and overlapped multiple exposures.

Spiked Zoo Gate

Making the most of flat light and a gray sky, I intentionally overexposed the image and converted it to black and white to achieve this look.

I wonder what it is like looking out from behind the bars, studying gawking human specimens.

I also wonder about human similarities with zoo animals, how we can be caged by our preconceptions of others, for example, or let fears shutter our creativity. 

Do you see any connections?

TechTalk: Nikon D700, 24-70mm, ISO range 160-320. Peacock is an in-camera multiple exposure treated with Topaz Adjust, a plug-in for Photoshop. Grayscale conversions in Lightroom. ©2010 John Nordell