June 16, 2010

Adventures in Location Lighting: Photo Studio in a Car

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The remains of life had been accumulating on the dashboard of my car.

Delicate Seed
A dandelion puff, a mussel shell, a dried pea pod, sunflower seeds, burrs, a maple seed and a butterfly's wing formed the collection.

Fractal Wings
The day before this shoot, late light raked through my car's interior giving the items glow.  I had the light, but not the time.

Dashboard Diffusion

The next morning, I drove my car around an empty parking lot, angling it just so to mimic the light I had seen the evening before. I used a paper napkin to diffuse direct sunlight coming in from the right.

Like a Shell and Seeds on a Pod
 Placing these items on my pant leg added just the right background texture.

Inside Looking Through
Light is the currency of photography.  A little napkin helped me get paid.

Tech Tips: Nikon D700, 60mm 2.8 Micro Nikkor, ISO from 200-800.  With Fractal Wings I used the following technique:  Try removing your lens (best is a fixed focal length), set the aperture to wide open, hold lens close to the camera, experiment with angling the lens slightly and use shutter speed for proper exposure. ©2010 John Nordell