March 3, 2010

Sound Poem No.2 - Summer Night

Longer days, morning bird twittering and melting snow intimate Spring. Speaking of seasons, I finally had a chance to put together this video shot late last summer.

To capture the imagery, I crouched low to the water along the Connecticut River in Northfield, Massachusetts. Above me was the Schell Bridge. Across the river a group young men enjoyed the night as well. Snippets of their banter reached me and the flash from their camera punctuated the dusk.

These night sounds give us something to look forward to.

The German modernist painter Lyonel Feininger is one of my big inspirations. He often painted buildings and bridges, using multiple planes to give form to the structures. I use multiple exposures.

I believe abstraction can neatly sum up the contradictions and complications of reality. Speaking of reality, the Friends of Schell Bridge fight to save this historic railroad span from demolition.

Driving home I kicked into photojournalist mode, seeing that Walgreens was offering the first flu shots of the season.

The flu images went to my editorial stock agency.