March 24, 2010

Fine Art at Dawn

I am interested in multiple ways of showcasing and explaining my process. Enter Photobabble. This site allows users to add sound to a still image. If you click play and hear no sound, you might need a newer version of Flash.

This type of created image is a far cry from the my never-mess-with-reality photojournalistic background.

© 2010 John Nordell


Unknown said...

John! What on earth were you doing with a painting like that? And... why on earth were you going to work that early?

John Nordell said...


1: The painting was curbside trash and I picked it up because I liked the frame. I sometimes use old frames for my photographs. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

2: The early bird gets the worm. And the gorgeous light!

David Frazier said...

That is the most beautiful painting I have ever seen.

John Nordell said...

Dave - Other people have liked it as well. Should I have an online auction?