January 6, 2010

Microcosm Down the Road: Career Fair for Technical Students

Just down Industrial Boulevard from where I teach is the Franklin County Technical School.

I recently photographed a career job fair at this vocational high school, located in Turners Falls, Massachusetts.

Exhibitors stressed to employment seekers the critical importance of punctuality and communication skills in addition to their job training.

Interested, respectful students circulated around a roomful of enthusiastic, prospective employers. The tone of the event impressed me and I felt hope for the economy and the educational process.

These young men are learning machining in the machine technology shop.

Calvin Foster stood in front of the National Guard recruiting table. He is in the process of enlisting

Bryan Lottes and Justin Foucher represented Lynn Wiles hair salon, just down Interstate 91 in Northampton, Massachusetts. Mr. Lottes knows one of my students from last year.

I am grateful for this profession that allows me to enter so many worlds, including this microcosm down the road. Now, imagine all the events and activities occurring around the globe as our planet's population nears 7,000,000,000. Whew!

© 2009 John Nordell


Greg said...

The 'three young men' is a handsome portrait. I like the way each has their hands in a different position.

John Nordell said...

Thanks, Greg. They were naturals.