October 21, 2009

Summer Harvests and Musical Influences

A couple of hard frosts led me to clean the garage so a car could fit. In the process I found this box of summer souvenirs. The collection looked as grand and precious as ancient artifacts in a museum.

I then found myself in a photographic quandary. How to show the whole collection, along with the defining edges of the box, but also see the small items clearly. Hmm. Guess I need a detail shot as well.

However, I really wanted to tell the whole story with a single image. The multiple exposure I then created lacked the elegance I sought.

Summer Harvest

Later in the day, driving home from dinner at The People's Pint (delicious local food) I listened to Aphrodesia, a world beat band that mixes American R&B and African Pop, a James Brown and Fela Kuti hybrid. (One way I connect with my students is to solicit music from them. I play tracks as they come into class. A student recently laid Afrodesia on me.)

As I listened, a quandary solving vision came to me. Click image to enlarge.

Summer Harvest II

I grooved to Aphrodesia as I put these pieces together.

©2009 John Nordell


Anonymous said...

These photos really inspire me. Thanks so much. Joan

Jacquie Van Tichelt said...

I can totally hear your voice in my head when I read what you write...even your cadence. Its kind of cool. Very cool picture, love it.

Hope you are well :-)

Jacquie Van Tichelt (aka Beik)