September 2, 2009

Classic Cars, Gangsters and Athletes

I saw Public Enemies this summer. Nattily dressed 1930s gangsters perched on running boards firing tommy guns made for dramatic visuals. So it was fun to check out this 1930 Ford at the Northampton (Massachusetts) Elks Cruise Night. How gangsters have changed from this John Dillinger era.

Al Capone showed up Tom McNab's fascinating read Flanagan's Run, a novel about a footrace from Los Angeles to New York in the early 1930s. One of the contestants in Flanagan's Run - remember this is pre-jogging times - notes how both children and adults made fun of him as he ran through their towns. "Every runner, whatever his abilities, was making a personal statement every time he ran. Here I am, he was saying. This is what I do. I run. This is what makes me different."

I love it when elements of my life connect: movies, books, cruise nights...

Look at this interior! I wonder if 70 years from now my Honda will look this elegant.

I have fond memories a push button car radio like this; this mechanical, analog device.

In the distance sits the Arts and Industry Building, a former industrial mill now home to artists' studios and small businesses.

The smokestack reused as cell phone tower.

How technology changes and changes our lives fascinates me. I am thankful for a historical perspectives. And, really inspired by the intrepid runners in Mr. McNab's book.

Here I am. This is what I do. I photograph. This is what makes me different.

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© 2009 John Nordell


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Good linkup of you and old cars and Flanagan's Run etc.

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