August 5, 2009

Looking at Effective Exposure, Picasso's Workflow and Venetian Blinds

Since 2001 I have photographed using digital cameras. One obvious benefit is real time exposure evaluation.

In the beginning, I just assessed the how the image looked on the camera's screen. These days, I look at image histogram data as a more effective exposure guide, since extreme ambient lighting conditions, such as bright sun or a dark interior, make accurate judging of a small glowing screen impossible.

I commence each shoot with test frames to assess exposure.

In the artist statement for my reality-based abstraction gallery, I note the deep influence of Cubist painters on my art. Studying their workflow, I found that Pablo Picasso, for example, often sketched before creating his final piece.

Venetian Blinds

As I produce more layered abstractions, I feel that the test frames, once just for exposure, have become digital sketches for my final works.

© 2009 John Nordell


David Frazier said...

Awesome! Well put, John. Love "Venetian Blinds". I could almost see it "painted" with color overlays as well. Really neat.

Anonymous said...

Tried somethng else here.