April 29, 2009

Digital April Flowers and Film Memories

I had my eye on these emerging leaves and wanted to capture them before last Autumn's berries fell off. I was waiting for a nice predawn blue background.

Rain kept the morning skies gray. So I set my camera to add extra blue, a procedure normally used to balance out the orange color of indooor lights. In this case, the compensation turned the gray sky blue. Then I put an orange gel on my flash so the light hitting the berries and leaves produced balanced color.

Too much technical information? My point is that tools embedded in digital cameras offer many creative options not possible with film machines.

In order to transform this scene into something special, I knew I wanted to get close and low to these daffodils. To keep my pants clean I grabbed this old lead lined film pouch from my office to kneel on. A relic from the days of keeping film safe when putting it through airport x-rays.

I mentioned in an earlier post about removing a camera's lens and then holding it close to the camera to generate unusual planes of focus.

So excited about what I was seeing and capturing, I strayed off my shield and my knees got covered with mulch anyway.

One of my stock agency editors liked this dreamy spring direction, so I went out again.