March 4, 2009

China on My Mind

Some of my first photographs taken as a boy were scenes of Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After a haircut, while waiting for my parents to pick me up, I composed this image outside a Chinese restaurant in "The Square."

We were on our way to Boston's Chinatown for dim sum at Hei La Moon Restuarant. Upon entering the establishment, the prospects for the food's authenticity looked promising as we were minorities in an ethnic restaurant.

The dim sum servers stamped our check with each delivered plate of food. A stray drop from refilling our water glasses lent a watercolor feel to stamp "38." The beauty of this functional item led to a discussion of Sol LeWitt's art. The food was delicious.

After lunch, we continued our exploration of new sights, smells and sounds. The visit filled my well of inspiration. Putting this post together, I noticed the red thread that ties the images together.